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Chainmaille, also known as chainmail, chain mail or just maille or mail, is the art of interlocking rings to form sheets, chains, and patterns.

Chainmaille's use in jewelry is widespread. One of the best known examples is Byzantine chain, one of many types of chainmaille "weaves". A weave is simply a pattern caused by connecting rings in certain way. Many weaves, including those in the European family, use only one size of ring throughout. Other weaves, including those in the Japanese family (Japanese denoting style not origin), use two or more ring sizes.

Chainmaille as clothing comes out of its historic use as armor. It could be woven to be relatively light weight and flexible and was often worn under plate and other heavy mail. Armor quality chainmaille is generally constructed from steel, making it strong but uncomfortably heavy. However today's extra-strong aluminum alloys allow it to be adapted to many costume and clothing designs that would be less than ideal in heavier steel. Crack resistant EDPM rubber rings can also be added to traditional chainmail armor weaves to allow stretch, comfort, and ease of wear.