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Custom Designs
Custom Designs

Kalibaba Designs not only welcomes custom requests but actually encourage them! Whether it's something as simple as requesting a specific length necklace or a delightfully challenging design puzzle, a great deal of pride and enjoyment goes into simply giving people a piece they will love to gift or own.
It's easy to get started requesting custom work, just follow the steps below:

1. Email KalibabaDesigns@gmail.com. Please provide as much detail as possible including pictures and drawings, color choices, stone or bead choices, type(s) of material, size, etc. Also note if you will provide any materials yourself, such as focal pieces, chains, etc.

2. You will receive an email response within 1-3 days. For easier requests such as a custom length necklace a materials deposit and total price will be provided in this email. More ambitious requests may require further emails to reach the best ideas and associated cost.

3. Once a materials cost and final cost is determined, a custom materials cost will be placed in the shop. When you complete payment of the materials cost, work on your item will begin!

4. Once an item is complete, it will go in the shop for you to purchase. Rest assured, you will be the only one who can pay for and receive your new work of art.