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Detail Bronze Cha-Cha Bracelet
Detail Byzantine Square Copper Bracelet
Detail European 6 in 1 Brass Bracelet
Detail Viking Knit Steel Green/Blue Fish
Detail Cha-Cha Shaggy Loop Brass Pink and Green
Detail Cha-Cha Shaggy Loop Brass Pink and Black
Detail Euro & Japanese Copper Chainmaille Necklace
Detail Butterfly Silver and Gold Bracelet
Detail Cha-Cha Steel and Purple Bracelet
Detail Japanese 12 in 2 Handflower
Detail Set Japanese Chainmaille Necklace & Earring
Detail Rhinos Snorting Draino Brass Bracelet
Detail Viking Knit and Silver Bead Necklace
Detail Captive Inverted Round Tri-Color Necklace
Detail Captive Inverted Round GreenPurple Necklace
Detail Helms Weave Blue Beaded Necklace
Detail Orbital Rosetta Copper & Brass Bracelet
Detail Sculpture Chainmaille Dragon
Detail Viking Knit Brass Choker
Detail Viking Knit Double Silver & Copper Necklace
Detail Cha-Cha and Japanese Chainmaille Necklace
Detail Graduated Byzantine Stainless Steel Necklac
Detail Japanese Chainmaille Necklace Beads&Koi
Detail Byzantine Wave Choker Brass
Detail Sleek 8 in 1 Copper Bi-Color Choker
Detail Viking Knit Koi Necklace
Detail Byzantine Square Copper & Sodalite Necklace
Detail Set Jasper, Wood, Pearl Necklace & Earrings
Detail Set Blue Beaded Wire Necklace and Earrings
Detail Copper Cuff Wave
Detail Copper Cuff Bohemian
Detail Copper Cuff Reposse Small
Not for sale but too good to not see! Perhaps one will inspire your custom order...
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