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Dragonback Copper Bi-Color Bracelet

Dragonback Pattern Chainmaille Bracelet with Silvered and Natural Copper Rings

Price  $ 40.00
Copper Leaf and Stone Link Bracelet
Handmade copper leaf and framed stone link bracelet
Price  $ 95.00
Scherzo Chainmaille Bracelet
Silver Scherzo Bracelet
Price  $ 15.00
Sterling and Yellow Turquoise Cha-Cha
Sterling Silver and Yellow Turquoise Cha-Cha Bracelet
Price  $ 85.00
Japanese Chainmaille Slave Bracelet
Japanese 12 in 1 Anodized Aluminum Slave Bracelet
Price  $ 40.00
Copper Cuff Etched
Copper Cuff with Etched Inner Band
Price  $ 35.00
Copper Cuff Wave
Copper Cuff with Folded Wave
Price  $ 45.00
Copper Cuff Bohemian
Bohemian Copper Cuff with Jasper Bead Accents
Price  $ 40.00
Copper Cuff Reposse Small
Copper Cuff with Textured Riposse Center Band
Price  $ 100.00
Enigma Chainmaille Bracelet
Enigma Chain Copper and Stainless Steel Bracelet
Price  $ 45.00
Byzantine Copper and Jasper Bracelet
Copper Byzantine Links and Red Jasper Bead Bracelet
Price  $ 30.00
Box Chain Bi-Color Gold and Silver Bracelet
Chainmaille Box Weave Bracelet
Price  $ 25.00
Cha-Cha Bracelet with Tan Porcelain Links
Bronze and Porcelain Cha-Cha Bracelet
Price  $ 25.00
European 4 in 1 Copper Bracelet
Copper European Four in One Chainmaille Bracelet
Price  $ 20.00
European 4 in 1 Bi-Color Silver Copper Bracele
Silvered and Natural Copper European 4 in 1 Chainmaille Bracelet
Price  $ 20.00
Byzantine Square Copper and Amazonite Bracelet
Byzantine Square Copper Bracelet with Amazonite Beads
Price  $ 60.00
Sleek Cuff Brass Bracelet
Jeweler's Brass Sleek Cuff Chainmaille Bracelet
Price  $ 40.00
European 6 in 1 Brass Bracelet
Jeweler's Brass European 6 in 1 Chainmaille Bracelet
Price  $ 125.00
Viking Knit Stainless Steel Capture Fish Bracelet
Stainless Steel Viking Knit Bracelet with Moss Jasper and Opalized Glass Beads
Price  $ 25.00
Cha-Cha Bracelet Brass Pink and Green
Shaggy Loops Chainmaille Cha-Cha Bracelet with Pink and Green Czech Glass Beads
Price  $ 25.00
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